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79% of buyers choose to work with a realtor. We take pride in representing you including guiding you through all the negotiations, multiple offers, best and worst case scenarios and upon acceptance, we will work with you to bring together all the elements of a successful sale. Here is a step by step process of what we do every day.

Working With A Buyer:

  • Free consultation to determine what kind of property you are looking for and most importantly, what kind of agent. Understanding your unique circumstances is the first step.
  • Knowing our price range, we will research the possibilities and present them to you. We will also look beyond the MLS to research different possibilities of homes that may be on the verge of being on the market as well as private sales.
  • Upon your approval, we will schedule a time to view all the selections.
  • As we view the homes together, it is our job to look at the home in an unbiased perspective. We will be comparing it based to others we’ve seen in the marketplace as well as looking at its quality. Perhaps we can make recommendations for improvements or modifications? We look for solutions.
  • If any questions or concerns arise, we will investigate them further by speaking with zoning, city officials and other experts.
  • As our commitment to you, the hunt will continue until you’ve found the home you love!
  • When selection is made, we will determine the comparable properties, marketplace conditions and our opinion of value as we prepare your offer. It is our job to present your offer in the very best way.
  • We will let you know about your rights and obligations and protect you throughout the sale process.
  • We will negotiate the offer to terms that you can be proud of.
  • Arrange home inspections and times with appropriate parties.
  • Work with financial lenders to ensure open communication.
  • We take care of the sale so you can get packing.
  • If necessary, we will permit you easy access to the property for measurements and further viewings.
  • We will work towards making the offer firm providing you are still happy with the property.
  • Prior to closing, we will arrange a final walk through.
  • We will be there if any issues present themselves at closing.
  • Finally, we will be happy to hand over the keys to your new home investment!

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