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What Is Involved In Closing a Home Sale in Kitchener Waterloo

As your move in date approaches, we will arrange to do a final walk through with you. This is to ensure that any issues at the property have been resolved (or will be) and to make sure that you are comfortable and nothing but thrilled to be moving in just a few short days.
Prior to closing, we will work with your lawyer to bring any issues to light and if necessary, hold back funds. This is where our experience matters as we have seen just about every scenario and know exactly how to handle possible unforeseen issues at closing.
For your convenience, we have added some helpful information on your closing costs to help you prepare for your final move.


Based on the purchase price, this tax is due at time of closing.
Calculations can be based on this tax rate:

We have already done the calculations for you:


Many variables can affect your closing costs. Adjustments will be made at closing in regards to property taxes that have been prepaid such as utilities, taxes, fuel oil tanks and other fees the seller (or buyer) may need adjustments for. These adjustments will be made by your lawyer usually on the closing day (date of completion as outlined in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale).
*Single-family and duplex residences only. Land Transfer Tax could be eligible rebates on new homes. Land Transfer Tax
As a general guideline, closing costs are usually 1.5%-2.5% of your purchase price.

Common Closing Expenses: (all figures are approximate)
-Appraisal Fee, $175-$350
-Fire Insurance, $250-$600
-GST payable 5% (new home purchases and other fees/services)
-Home Inspection Fee, $300-$400
-Land Survey $600-$900
-Legal Costs & Disbursements, $1200 and up
-PST (8% of CMHC fees in high ratio mortgage)
-Mortgage application and processing fee, $75-$185 (Usually for high ratio mortgages, CMHC insured)
-New Home Warranty, $600
-Title Insurance $225