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Thinking about buying a home in Kitchener Waterloo

Are you thinking the time is right? Have you dreamed of what your house would look like? How it would feel to wake up to every morning living your dream? Dreams can come true and we make home ownership easier than you think. Whether it’s your first, second or tenth home, the Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate Group has all the resources to help you make the best choice.
Purchasing property is a great wealth builder not to mention a home that will build memories for you and your family for years to come.
To help you in your decision making process, here are some areas of interest:

1. Qualifying Questions:

First, can you afford to buy? Are you renting right now? If so, is what you pay to rent similar to what it would cost to purchase a home? Does it make sense for you to buy? What are your motivating factors?
Do you currently own a home? If so, would you rent it out or sell it? What is the market value of your current home? How much of a down payment on a new purchase could you acquire? What would your new mortgage payment look like?
Why do you want to move? How motivated are you?

Typical Monthly Expenses to Home Ownership:

  • Mortgage Payments
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Maintenance (Approximately 2% of total property value/year if single detached)
  • Property Taxes
  • House Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Condo Fees (if applicable)