Preparing Your Home
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Preparing Your Home

The reason why we ask sellers to prepare their home for market is because it is much different than just a general cleaning. Preparing your home to sell is one of the most important things you can do for yourself because it allows the buyer to imagine themselves as living in your home, making it their own, rather than just seeing your stuff and how you live.

Jim Lawson and Troy Schmidt share tips on what NOT to do when selling your home
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We Recommend:

  • Removing all your personal pictures and items from the walls, mantels and furniture as much as possible
  • Get rid of all the clutter to show off the home and not your stuff as much as possible
  • All storage areas and closets should be neat and tidy
  • Repair and fix even the smallest of details from a leaking tap to a squeaky door to a ripped screen. Give the best impression that your home has been well cared for
  • Clean your home the same way you would detail your car before selling it
  • Enough can’t be said for the front exterior including lighting for ultimate curb appeal

For Showings We Recommend:

  • Please leave
  • Take pets with you
  • Leave all lights on
  • Open all window coverings and drapes for natural light and views
  • Keep home in ready to show condition
  • In warmer months, keep the air conditioner running
  • In cooler months, keep the home warm. If possible, turn on the fireplace

Because each home is individual, we are able to consult with you on what it would take to prepare your home for market and assume the highest price possible. For a free consultation, click here.

Return On Investment

Many homeowners come to us and want to know their Return on Investment for doing certain renovations on their home.

As a general rule, here is what we have found:

Kitchen 90-100%
Bathroom 90-100%
New exterior 90%
Bathroom addition 85%
Room addition 80%
Painting and decor 70%
Garage 70%
Skylight 65%
Flooring 60%
Deck 60%
Roof 60%
Windows/Doors 55%
Fireplace 50%
Main Floor Addition 50%
Furnace Replacement 45%
Finishing your basement 15-25%
Pool 5-15%
Home Office 5%
Gazebo 1%

Remember, your home is still going to be compared with others in your neighbourhood so be careful when renovating for profit as to not over-renovate or you will never get your money back. Most homeowners renovate for their own comforts while living in the home. Of course the fact that your home may show better and may have far less showings (or even multiple offers), can also be of great benefit